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FAQ about Flat Fee Listing

Is this a good time to try to sell my home?

Despite the economic conditions there are buyers looking for homes. Interest rates are great and while it is true that you may not get as much for your home as you could have a few years ago, the next home that you will buy won’t cost as much either. Would you really rather get a lot for you property and then have to spend a lot for a new property? Values will eventually go up.

Does this really work?

There are thousands of agents working with buyers that are looking for property. Liberty Real Estate has had properties that sold in the first week that it was listed and others that have not sold. All we can promise is exposure to the market; the rest depends on Price, Condition & Location.

Is it OK to use one of those out-of-state Flat Fee companies?

Different MLS's use several different MLS programs provided by outside companies. It's really better to use a  real estate broker that is famliar with the local system to get the best looking and complete listing as possible to attract the attention of potential buyers.


Why do I have to sign a contract?

The MLS requires a contract because it is your commitment to pay the commission to the Buyer’s agent that brings you an accepted offer. It is also our commitment to give you the level of service that you buy.

What happens if I get low offer?

You don’t have to accept take any offer. You may submit a counter offer and possibly come to satisfactory terms. Sometimes offers go back and forth several times with counter offers before an agreement is reached,

What if I don’t get any offers?

What sells a property is Price – Condition—Location. The location cannot be changed but a poor location can be overcome by price. Condition can be improved but poor condition can be made up for by price too. Your property will be getting a lot of exposure so if no offers come, you should consider price.

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

Yes. We do not charge any cancellation fee.

What will happen when I get an offer?

We will forward the offer on to you and then, depending on the level of service of your package that you purchased, instruct you on what you need to do to respond.

If I find that I need more help than what is included in my listing package, is it available?

Yes. We have been advised that in order for us to be covered by our liability insurance, we must charge an hourly rate. It would be unusual for us to have to charge for more than 1-2 hours.

Will I have to be at my property when it is being shown by an agent?

No. If you use a lock box to access the property, the Agent will safeguard your possessions. If an Agent has questions or concerns they will contact us and we will contact you for follow up.

Who will take pictures of my home for the MLS?

Most clients take the pictures themselves and send them to us via e-mail. Professional photography is available.

Do Buyer’s Agents want to show this kind of listing?

Your listing will look like every other listing on the MLS. Most Buyer’s Agents won’t realize this listing is any different until the closing when they get a commission and we don’t!

What is the “BLC”?

BLC- Broker’s Listing Cooperative is the name for the local MLS-Multiple Listing Service. The BLC is owned by the members as a cooperative while other MLS’s in other areas are owned by an individual or corporation. While MLS coverage areas overlap, there is no other MLS that serves the central Indiana area. For instance, a Fort Wayne MLS could list a home in Indianapolis, but what good would that do since local Agents use the local MLS

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Don’t tell my broker but I had a listing that didn’t sell because in this market, it was priced too high. The sellers couldn’t reduce the price any more with the listing commission that my broker requires. We tried everything because the sellers had already found a home with my help that was perfect for what they wanted. I recommended Liberty Real Estate’s “Flat Fee” listing as a way to save commission and significantly reduce the asking price of the home. In a short time an offer came in and with the reduced commission the sellers were able to settle on a price and to buy the new home with my help. Agent name with held
Any one who Lists their home should list with Liberty. You guys are great and you save us a lot of commission with your Flat Fee listing. Julie King
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