Liberty Real Estate, LLC opened to the public in 2003 for one simple reason, to save home sellers money. After careful research and consideration, we determined that savings alone was not enough. Lisa Meulbroek, the Principle Broker saw an opportunity to revolutionize the real estate industry and the way the MLS can be used in Indiana.

By combining excellent personalized service with the concept of Limited Service Clients; we have use Flat Fee listings as a much more affordable way to sell your home. Flat Fee listings give the Seller a much more affordable way to access the MLS. Flat Fee refers to eliminating a commission on the listing side in favor of the Flat Fee. The seller only pays the Buyer’s Agent commission saving roughly half of the commission.

The Limited Service Seller chooses what services are best for selling their property. In time the a la carte menu of services developed into Bronze, Silver and Gold packages or bundles of services. Liberty Real Estate, LLC takes pride in putting as much detail into the MLS listing as possible. We always give an opportunity to refine the listing when it is entered. Competitors put in sketchy information and expect that to attract Buyers.